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About Juanita Bay Dentist

When you understand why your mouth does what it does, you’re better able to plan for the future. Our goal is to educate patients about their conditions – including how things work and why – so that they can make the best decisions for their personal dental needs.

Most of our patients tell us that they feel we’re extremely low-key, which helps them feel at ease while they’re with us. We don’t hustle people in and out the door. In fact, we probably spend too much time with our patients because we want them to feel valued.

Treating You Holistically

Many dental conditions are simply a matter of cause and effect. If you’re suffering from tooth wear or decay, we help investigate the source behind it. That way we can prevent it from recurring in other teeth after treating the ones with the damage.

Dr. Moua is a Kois-trained dentist, with a unique approach to the entire individual as opposed to treating individual teeth like separate entities.

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Our Technology

Our practice is equipped with cutting-edge digital imaging equipment, expediting your care while reducing the extent of radiation that’s necessary for X-rays.

As we plan to expand our practice in the future, we hope to continually invest in new and better resources that ensure the best experience for our patients.

Highest Level of Care

We’re committed to providing the same quality of care that we would for our own team members. Our comprehensive approach is compassionate and quality-driven, being thoughtful of both your immediate and long-term level of oral health.

Although things may feel a bit relaxed around here, we don’t sacrifice quality. Every procedure is completed in a manner that is designed to last and better the lives of our patients.

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