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Meet Downing Moua, DMD

Raised in the California, Dr. Moua first formed an interest in dentistry at the age of 7, from his brother-in-law, who is a dental technician. After three years of undergraduate education at the University of the Pacific, he continued on to study dentistry at Boston University, graduating with honors in 2003. A year later he completed his general practice residency in Fresno and then came to Kirkland to open his private practice.

It’s Not Work If You Love What You Do

Dr. Moua loves being a dentist!  He loves the science behind the work.   He finds enjoyment in how rewarding it is to help others, especially when things are done correctly and ethically. What he finds most satisfying is working on esthetic cases from single veneers to full mouth rehabilitations.  He loves working and chatting with his mature population and helping them keep their teeth well into their later years.  He’s extremely patient with our clients who need extra time or explanation to understand their disease process and how best to maintain their health.  

Along with his dedication to our patients, Dr. Moua specifically selected each member of his team for not just their skills, but also their personalities. He believes that the workplace should be made up of people who genuinely enjoy one another’s company, and it influences the environment that we create for our patients.

Training and Memberships

As a Kois Graduate, Dr. Moua takes a holistic, science-based approach to the cause-and-effect process that is oral health. His extensive professional development and patience for explaining things to our clients helps them to also be more educated about the best care for their overall wellness.

Rather than treating individual teeth, Dr. Moua takes a step back to understand why things are the way they are and educates patients on how to better direct their level of health in the future.

Dr. Moua will direct your oral health team, to improve your overall health, which has been found to be related to Alzheimer’s and various cardiovascular diseases. This is one reason why Dr. Moua averages about 150-200 hours of continuing education a year, even when the requirement is a mere 22 hours a year.  

His professional affiliations include

  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Clear Aligners
  • Kois Center Graduate
  • Washington State Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
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Outside the Office

Dr. Moua runs two busy dental practices in Washington. Outside of dentistry, he and his husband Brian enjoy traveling, especially to Europe and Asia.  Cliché, but his favorite city in the world is Paris and his favorite country is Japan.  Feel free to ask why?  He has also completed numerous courses at Seattle Community College, on winemaking and plans to make wine when he retires. When time allows, he enjoys playing basketball, pickleball, golf, and tennis.  His favorite dish is pho and his favorite wine is all of them!

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