Sports Mouthguards

Are you or your child involved in any type of athletic activity? Whether you compete in recreational team sports or are a high school, collegiate or professional athlete, protective gear is one of the most important aspects of staying safe.

When it comes to your mouth, a custom sports mouthguard can safeguard your smile against fractured or knocked-out teeth. They’re also thought to reduce your risks of a concussion.

Why a Sports Mouthguard?

The majority of athletic injuries involve the face. From lip lacerations to fractured teeth and jaws, trips to the emergency room for oral-facial injuries are extremely high in athletes.

Sports mouthguards offer protection that a helmet doesn’t. When your device is professionally fitted to your teeth it provides better overall protection for initial injuries and subsequent trauma, such as a hit followed by a fall.

The buffer space around your teeth cuts down on soft tissue injuries and safeguards the teeth underneath. Plus, the mouthguard physically limits your mandible (lower jaw) from being forced back and upward into the base of the skull, which is a primary factor in concussions.

Customize Your Appliance

Our sports mouthguards can be tailored to your preferences so that it matches your team jerseys or favorite colors. But the most important customization is the tailored fit to your unique bite. Since we make your appliance from an impression of your teeth, it gently hugs the contour of your entire smile to keep it in place when you need it the most.

Custom vs. Commercial Mouthguards

One-size athletic mouthguards are sold in most sporting goods stores. While they may meet the minimum requirements for your athletic equipment, these devices don’t offer near the same level of protection that a custom mouthguard is capable of.

Even if it is fairly customizable, commercial guards tend to easily slip out of place or fall out when you need them most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean and store my sports mouthguard?

Always store your mouthguard in a sealed container, out of the reach of children or pets (especially dogs). Clean it after each use with lukewarm water, a soft toothbrush and antibacterial soap. Take care to avoid storing it in hot cars or other places with high temperatures, as it may cause the appliance to warp.

How long do sports mouthguards last?

Most adults and older teens can wear their sports mouthguards for years. Younger children whose mouths are still developing will need to have their appliance updated as their bite continues to grow and mature.

Can I drink with my mouthguard in?

Keep your mouthpiece in for the entire duration of your athletic activity. Hydrating with water is no problem. If you’re drinking something like a sports drink, be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out afterward.

Are sports mouthguards covered by insurance?

Not all insurance carriers will cover sports mouthguards. But when you think about it, the minimal investment for a piece of protective equipment can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in emergency dental care if you choose not to wear one.

An Impression Is All You Need

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